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Rogue releases on Showmax, starring Jessica Sutton, Sisanda Henna and Brandon Auret

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Rogue has officially released on Showmax, showcasing some of South Africa’s most notable actors starring alongside internationally acclaimed actress, Megan Fox.

Rogue premiered on Showmax on Thursday, 3 December 2020, and stars Megan Fox as the lead character who leads a team of mercenaries on a mission to rescue a group of kidnapped schoolgirls. When their plan goes south, the mercenaries find themselves out of ammunition and lost in the bush, having to defend themselves against both the kidnappers and an angry lion.

The original Showmax film sees Africa as the backdrop of the storyline, and showcases many South African actors. Jessica Sutton stars as one of the kidnapped girls, whilst Sisanda Henna and Brandon Auret join Megan as part of her team of mercenaries. Sisanda is most recently recognised for his role on M-Net’s Inconceivable, whilst Brandon Auret is known for his role as Danny on Still Breathing. Other South African actors who form part of the cast include Kenneth Fok and Greg Kriek

Watch the preview of Rogue below.

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