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SABC rubbishes claims of royalties non-payment to SAMPRA

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The SABC has rebutted the allegations of non-payment of royalty amounts due to SAMPRA, stating that it is awaiting a payment agreement from SAMPRA and IMPRA.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) took to Twitter on Tuesday, 20 July 2021, to rubbish allegations of non-payment of royalty amounts due to the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA). The allegations were reportedly levelled by SAMPRA, which used the narrative of the broadcaster’s previous financial difficulties as the reason for the non-payment.

However, in setting the record straight, the SABC released a statement alleging, “The SABC has set aside an amount due for payment of needletime royalties and has always been ready to pay the amount to the relevant Collecting Societies. Both IMPRA and SAMPRA are aware of this. However, the SABC has not paid needletime royalties to either Collecting Society as the two Collecting Societies have not agreed on the percentage split of the determined amount.”

Moreover, the broadcaster assented that it would continue to withhold the amounts due until the two bodies have reached an agreement. The statement read, “The SABC has also learnt through the media that SAMPRA is intending to approach the Court. As a matter of principle, the SABC does not litigate through the media; therefore, we will deal with the matter once we are served with the relevant papers.”

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