Samthing Soweto performs live on Trending SA

Samthing Soweto (real name Samkelo Mdolomba) treated the Trending SA panel to an impromptu acapella performance of his latest single, ‘Fridge’, on Monday, 1 October 2018.

Samthing Soweto, the musical mastermind behind the 2017 smash-hit single ‘Akanamali’, was invited to join the Trending SA panel live on Monday, 1 October. During the interview, he spoke openly about his childhood, his achievements, and his musical influences.

Upon his entrance to the set, one of his latest singles was played in the background. He later said that having his song played on the show was a dream come true for him. He then announced that he has two new singles available to his fans for free, if they contact him via WhatsApp or phone call. The singles are titled ‘Fridge’ and ‘Telephone’.

Throughout the interview, Samthing Soweto emphasised how important his fan community and family are to his musical process. He said that he draws strength and inspiration from his community and admitted that social media is not his ideal way of interacting with his fans. “Success is alienating…”, he added later.

Presenter Khuli Roberts then asked Samthing Soweto whom his musical influences are. He explained that his journey to discovering music began with hip-hop, which he sited as having influenced his writing. He went on to say that he has since discovered varying genres of music, which are in fact all interconnected to his mind. He named Miriam Makeba and the Manhattan Brothers as some of his classical South African musical influences.

To close out the discussion, host Nina Hastie asked Samthing Soweto to perform a song. He wilfully agreed and sang an acapella version of ‘Fridge’, much to the panel’s delight.

Watch Samthing Soweto’s acapella performance and the full interview below.