Sandile Mahlangu details new role on eTV’s Scandal! after unemployment

Sandile Mahlangu has joined the esteemed cast of eTV’s Scandal!, taking on the role of Simo, a charming accountant who knows his way to a woman’s heart.

Sandile Mahlangu debuted on the latest episode of eTV’s Scandal!, which aired on Wednesday, 5 August 2020. The Mpumalanga-born actor has taken on the character of Simo, who has found himself in a relationship with a married woman, Violetta Mamba.

In a statement from eTV on Wednesday, Simo was described as a man who is opportunistic, ambitious, a tad arrogant, and lacks a moral compass. His drive to be his own boss may have led him down the wrong path, which now brings him to the Newtonian, as he targets a member in the Medupe household.

In an interview with JustNje today, 6 August 2020, Sandile discussed his new role and the road that led him to Scandal!. He explained that after losing his job in January, the opportunity to join the long-running show has come as a blessing at the perfect time.

Sandile drew comparisons between himself and Simo, stating that the character’s ambition and drive is something that resonates with him. The actor detailed his years of struggling to break into the entertainment industry, adding that it was his perseverance that allowed him to achieve all that he has.

In closing, Sandile shared a message of encouragement for struggling entertainers, stating, “This is the worst-case scenario for all of us. If you’ve survived this, it just goes to show that you’re strong enough to tackle any challenges thrown your way while doing or pursuing what you want. Introspection, persistence, passion and grit will get you results.”

Listen to the full interview with Sandile Mahlangu below.