Savage Beauty’s Rosemary Zimu set to join Scandal!

Rosemary Zimu continues to rise in the television industry as she joins Scandal! following her success on Netflix series, Savage Beauty.

Rosemary Zimu is still highly acclaimed in light of the rave reviews that her Netflix original drama series, Savage Beauty, is receiving. The actress is seemingly showing no signs of slowing down as it has been confirmed that she is the new cast member of Scandal!

Zimu will play the character of Lily-Juice in the show. The character has yet to make her first appearance, however, the channel has already started teasing her upcoming introduction.

What is all the hype about Rosemary Zimu?

Rosemary Zimu has been working as a professional actress since she made her first television premiere on the discontinued SABC 3 soapie, Isidingo.

However, her acclaim was brought on by her fronting the recent South African Netflix original series, Savage Beauty, which was her first leading role, where she played the character, Zinhle.

Savage Beauty’s Rosemary Zimu set to join Scandal!

On Monday, 16 May 2022, released a statement revealing the upcoming introduction of Zimu to the channel’s flagship soapie, Scandal!

The announcement suggested that Zimu was making a return to the soapie, however, considering that her last television role was as Generations: The Legacy’s Thembeka, this will officially mark Zimu’s first appearance on Scandal!

In teasing the character, Lily-Juice, the press statement read, “She (Lily-Juice) comes in as an entrepreneur looking for ways to promote her new business as a Talent Manager. She seeks help from everyone working in television, including Dintle on Izigigaba.”

Furthermore, fans will be surprised to know that Zimu’s imminent introduction as part of the Scandal! family is not the only new development in the cast of the popular telenovela-inspired soapie.

Scandal! revisits an old plot point with Mo’s introduction

On Monday, 16 May 2022, Scandal! also introduced Dakalo Molope as the 14-year-old Mo, Dintle’s daughter who was adopted by characters, Erin and Tino Martins, before leaving the world of the soapie in 2014.

In signature soapie tradition, Mo comes back with a notable jump in her age, since she left as an infant.

What to expect from Scandal!’s Mo? has divulged that Mo is set to turn her biological mother’s world upside down as her character biography states, “She is as spicy as her mother and ensures nothing gets in her way when she sets a target.

All she ever wanted was to get herself onto Izigigaba and she accomplished this. Live on television, she asks Dintle why she gave her only daughter away.”

When is Rosemary Zimu set to make her Scandal! premiere?

Rosemary Zimu will make her first Scandal! appearance as talent manager, Lily-Juice, on Thursday, 19 May 2022 on, DStv channel 194, at 19:30.

Though Zimu will be making an appearance soon, it does seem that her storyline will not start for some time as the soapie is currently concluding the A-storyline of Mukuna versus the Kubhekas.