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Sbu Dantjie prepares for marriage in iNkomo music video

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Sbu Dantjie has impressed the public with the storytelling in his iNkomo music video, which shows him negotiating with the family of his love interest about their possible marriage.

Sbu Dantjie’s iNkomo music video was released today, 22 January 2021, and has gained major traction on social media. The song, taken from Sbu’s debut album, Zigi, was originally released in July 2020, but has now garnered new attention because of the release of the music video.

Directed by Da Moss, the music video shows Sbu preparing for lobola negotiations between his family and his love interest’s. The video opens with him standing amongst a herd of cows, which the song is based on, that he is willing to give to his love interest’s family in exchange for her hand in marriage.

Thereafter, he is seen getting into trouble with her mother, who appears to be upset about them spending time alone without any formal commitment. Sbu then starts to prepare to make a formal proposal, so that the festivities can begin. Viewers have shared their praises for Sbu on social media, with many commenting on the excellent production quality and the visually pleasing setting of the music video.

Watch the iNkomo music video below.

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