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Season three of 13 Reasons Why premieres this Friday

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The Netflix original American drama series, 13 Reasons Why, returns for it’s third season on Friday, 23 August 2019, and will focus on the mysterious death of Bryce Walker.

The highly-anticipated third season of the critically-acclaimed series will follow the aftermath of the school bully, Bryce Walker’s death. As new evidence arises, the community begins to point fingers at those close to Bryce and the group of friends turn against each other in an attempt to clear their own names. Netflix captioned the trailer with, “Everyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead. But who actually went through with it?”.

In an interviewer with The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, 21 August 2019, Justine Prentice, who plays Bryce Walker, stated, “We had sort of told the whole story with Hannah Baker. This is a new, fresh twist to the show. Season three definitely has a different vibe and feel from the first two seasons, but still has a lot of the same rewarding elements. The season still talks about a lot of cultural touchstone points and does a lot of spotlighting on issues in society.”

The series, which was a cultural phenomenon upon its release, follows a group of students who deal with a multitude of incidents that take a toll on their perception of the world. 13 Reasons Why deals with a host of themes including mental health, suicide and sexual harassment. The story centres around Clay, who forms a friendship with Hannah Baker. After a series of hardships, she succumbs to her depression, which leads to the rest of her classmates dealing with the consequences of her death.

Season three of 13 Reasons Why premieres on Friday, 23 August 2019 on Netflix.

Watch the preview of season three of 13 Reasons Why below.

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