Secrets of Sulphur Springs: Do Griffin and Harper kiss?

It has been confirmed that Griffin and Harper will eventually kiss in the third season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs.

Griffin and Harper’s will-they-won’t-they romance has been at the centre of Secrets of Sulphur Springs since the beginning of the show.

But it seems like fans will not have to wait too long for resolution, as it has been confirmed that Griffin and Harper do kiss in the third season.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs: Do Griffin and Harper kiss?

The mystery of Griffin and Harper’s true feelings for one another has been one of the core questions on fans’ minds.

This is despite the fact that there are so many other mysteries in Sulphur Springs which Griffin Campbell (Preston Oliver), Harper Dunn (Kyliegh Curran), and Savannah Dillon (Elle Graham) continue to uncover with each new episode.

In fact, these “seahorses,” as Savannah has dubbed them, have come frustratingly close to kissing each other throughout the series, only to panic and pretend that the moment never even happened.

Though the show’s release schedules differ from one country to the next, some international fans have confirmed with video evidence that Griffin and Harper do eventually end up kissing by the end of the third season of the show.

This has been well-received by fans who have been waiting for them to finally admit their feelings for one another since the first season of the series.

Why did Griffin and Harper not kiss sooner?

Griffin and Harper came close to kissing in the “Check-Out Time” episode in the second season, but they both pulled away before anything happened.

Charles Pratt Jr., the showrunner of Secrets of Sulphur Springs, explained in a D23 interview that they had definitely been hinting that there was something more than friendship between the two for a long time.

However, they were both just acting spontaneously during that particular moment in the show.

What happens after they kiss?

Fans who have already watched the season three episode in which Harper and Griffin kiss have confirmed that their romance does not end with this one kiss.

Not only does the couple kiss again in the episode, but they also discover that they eventually get married and have a child together in the future.

Will there be a fourth season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs?

Disney has not officially announced any plans for the fourth season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs yet.

But many fans suspect that the series will eventually be renewed for a fourth season, which will probably air some time in 2024, given the fact that Griffin and Harper’s kiss and eventual child has now completely changed the future trajectory of the show.