Servant: Whose baby is Jericho?

In Servant, the real Jericho was Dorothy Pearce-Turner and Sean Turner’s baby, who died tragically because of Dorothy’s negligence when he was very young.

Jericho, the mysterious baby, is one of the most intriguing parts of Servant. Though it was revealed early on that the real Jericho was Dorothy and Sean Turner’s baby who tragically passed away, the doll version of Jericho is considerably more confounding.

Servant: Whose baby is Jericho?

There is no denying that director, M. Night Shyamalan, is a master at making audiences question their own perception of reality.

Servant is no different in this regard, where audiences have had to grapple with Jericho, the mysterious reborn doll, a church cult, and a nanny with unfathomable powers.

Baby Jericho is at the centre of many of the mysteries on the series. Initially, it was revealed that Jericho was Dorothy Pearce-Turner and Sean Turner’s baby, who Dorothy tragically left unattended in her car when he was 14-months-old, and he passed away as a result.

When Dorothy was unable to cope with his loss, a therapist suggested that she purchase a reborn doll to help her heal.

However, the details about Jericho became considerably murkier when the doll miraculously came to life as soon as Leanne joined the family as their new nanny.

Why did Jericho turn back into a doll at times during the show?

Over the years, fans have come up with a number of different theories about why Jericho would come to life and turn back into a doll throughout the show.

However, now that the show has ended, it has seemingly been confirmed that the Jericho doll remained a doll throughout the show, and it was just Dorothy and Leanne’s collective delusion that kept manifesting the doll as a real baby, given that Sean and Julian finally tell Dorothy about the truth behind the real baby Jericho’s death.

What happened to the Jericho doll at the end of the series?

After Dorothy had been confronted with and accepted that she was partly responsible for the real baby Jericho’s death, Leanne was confronted with the fact that her powers caused so much harm to the people around her.

Because of this, she decided to burn down the Turner home, with herself and the Jericho doll still inside.

What is the significance of the Jericho doll being burned?

While Servant fans may still have a few questions about the series now that it has ended, there is no denying that the finale episode felt poetic. The Jericho doll is as central to the ending of the show as it was to the beginning.

Furthermore, the Turner house burning down allowed Sean and Dorothy to start all over again.