Severance: Season 2

Seeason 2 of Severance is already being filmed and fans will see many members of the main cast return.

The first season of Severance followed Helly, Mark, Dylan, and Irving as they slowly uncovered the details of a conspiracy at Lumon Industries.

Severance has been renewed for a second season, but so far only the returning cast list and preliminary production schedule has been confirmed. The plot and official release date are still unconfirmed.

What happened in Severance season 1?

Establishing a healthy work-life balance is certainly not easy. But if the first season of Severance has taught us anything, it is that severing the two versions of yourself in these spheres of your life is not the answer.

There is no doubt that the first season of Severance covers a lot of ground over the course of its nine episodes.

By the end of the season, Mark, Dylan, Irving, and Helly activated the overtime contingency, which allowed their innies to wake up on the outside.

As such, the entire severance-conspiracy almost came crashing down entirely before Milchick tackled Dylan and deactivated the overtime contingency again.

Severance: Season 2

Given that the first season of Severance ended on such a high note with this final “The We We Are” episode, fans were anxious to see whether the series would, in fact, be renewed for a second season.

Fortunately, Severance was picked up for a second season fairly quickly in April 2022. However, even though the show’s renewal was announced quite quickly, the show’s creators were not very forthcoming about the details of this season.

At this point, the only thing that is really set in stone is that production for season two has been well underway since last year, 2022, and is set to wrap up in May of this year.

In fact, when Adam Scott (who plays Mark on the show) was asked about the second season of Severance earlier in February, he revealed that they made the first season of the show “not knowing if we would ever make any more” and that they had “variable ideas of where to go” with the show in the future.

This indicates that the cast may not even know where this next season of the show will be going yet.

At this stage it seems as though the real-life team behind Severance is just as secretive as Lumon is in the show.

Fortunately, just like in the series, a few clues in the plot, filming schedule and announced returning cast list can provide some insight into what fans can expect for the future of the show.

Which cast members are set to return for season 2 of Severance?

Fortunately, the announcement that Severance would be returning to Apple TV+ also confirmed that the main cast members, including Adam Scott (as Mark), Britt Lower (as Helly), Zach Cherry (as Dylan), and John Turturro (as Irving), will all be returning to the series.

Beyond this, Patricia Arquette, who plays the office manager, Mrs Cobel, and her enforcer Milchick, who is played by Tramell Tillman, will also reprise their roles in the second season.

Furthermore, the season will feature some new faces, including Gwendoline Christie and John Noble.

What is the expected release date of the second season?

The official release date for the second season of Severance has not been announced yet. However, since production on the season should be done by the end of May 2023, fans may not have to wait too much longer to see how the story unfolds.

Given the show’s previous post-production timeline, fans can expect the second season of Severance to be released as early as at the end of 2023.

What to expect from the plot of season 2 of Severance

The first season of Severance kept fans on their toes, with new mysteries and twists around every corner and hallway, hence, the second season should be no different.

Since the first season of the show ended so dramatically with Mark, Dylan, Irving, and Helly all taking their innies outside, there is no doubt that the second season will be even more dramatic and unexpected.

It is likely that this second season of the series will give fans just a little more insight into what is actually going on at Lumon, but in the meantime, Mark, Dylan, Irving and Helly will have hell to pay for their actions.

In the second season, Helly will have to face the consequences of her speech, Mark will have to deal with the fact that his psychologist is also his presumed-to-be-dead wife, Irving may have a broken heart, and Dylan’s fate remains to be seen.