Shetland: Season 7

The conclusion of Shetland season 7 marked the end of the journey for DI Jimmy Perez, with a fitting send-off for the beloved officer.

One of the hit English series to garner international appeal through the influx of paid subscription video-on-demand streaming platforms is Shetland. The show recently concluded its seven-season run, and the conclusion was bittersweet.

The season marked the end of the road for Douglas Henshall as DI Jimmy Perez after nine years of playing the beloved but tortured police officer.

However, the series made his exit one that was filled with twists and turns, which led to an unexpected but fitting conclusion as it provided a full-circle moment for the DI.

When did season 7 of Shetland air?

Shetland season seven aired from August 2022 and wrapped up its six-episode run in September 2022.

While season seven was the last season in which fans would see Douglas Henshall as DI Jimmy Perez, his time on the series had already started nearing its end at the end of season five.

This is as Henshall had already confirmed his decision to leave the show after the fifth season, but the channel had given the series the green light to use seasons six and seven to create a compelling arc that would give Perez the fitting exit .

Shetland: Season 7

The major premise of season seven of Shetland was based on the mystery and subsequent murder of Connor Cairns.

It picked a year since the events of season six, in which DI Jimmy Perez was arrested alongside Duncan, as it was believed that he was the accomplice to covering up the murder of antagonist, Donna Killick.

However, when season seven picked up, this was not even a major plot point in the story, which was as a result of the story picking up a year after the events of season six, after Perez’ suspension was lifted and he was back at work.

The disappearance of Connor was the major premise of the story. After Connor’s disappearance turned into a murder investigation with more dead bodies turning up, the disappearance turned murders became a race against the clock.

This is because alongside Connor, Bill and Byrd were also killed, and Jamie Narey became the remaining conspirator.

Eventually, he was found and had to face the consequences of his actions as he had planned to bomb Shetland and killed those who had cold feet when it was time to execute the plan.

Since Jamie survived after his near death experience, he was able to deny killing Bill, which was the beginning of the last arc for Perez’s character.

This is as Perez could identify Alison as the murderer because of the suitcase with paint that Alison put Bill’s body in.

Why did Alison kill Bill?

One of the storylines in season seven of Shetland was that DI Jimmy Perez was dealing with the truth regarding how limited the law was when it came to helping innocent people and, by extension, himself.

Therefore, when it was revealed that Lloyd was actually Walter Edwards, an American who was wanted for murder in his country, Bill threatened Alison with revealing the truth about Lloyd, and she reacted emotionally, hitting him over the head and dealing him a fatal blow.

As such, Perez had to make a decision about whether to follow the law or to follow his pursuit for justice for all.

How Shetland bid farewell to DI Jimmy Perez

After Alison took onus of killing Bill, and Lloyd asserted his innocence, DI Jimmy Perez made the decision to free Lloyd after Alison took the blame for the murder which he was apprehended for before the revelation of his real identity.

Moreover, he gave Lloyd his passport, giving him a chance to start his life over again. In doing so, he ensured the end of his career as a law enforcement officer, but gained freedom in that he could finally do what was right, even if it went against the law.

This meant that Douglas Henshall will not return in upcoming seasons as Perez.

How Shetland gave DI Jimmy Perez a happy ending

While the freedom of finally being able to do what is right was a touching end to DI Jimmy Perez’ journey on Shetland, the series did give him an even bigger happy ending in that he found love with Meg Pattison.

After returning in season six to take care of his ailing father, Meg and Perez were finally  open and honest about their feelings for each other in season seven.

This showed that even after losing his wife, mother, and father, Perez could open up to find love again, even though viewers will not get to see their future pan out.