Shetland: What is the relationship between Perez and Duncan?

Shetland: The relationship between Perez and Duncan is best categorised as a co-parenting relationship, as Duncan is the biological father of Perez’ stepdaughter, Cassie.

Shetland’s seventh season marked the end of the road for the series’ lead, Douglas Henshall, as the “town’s sheriff”, DI Jimmy Perez.

While fans loved the friendship and chemistry between Henshall and Alison O’Donnell, who played DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh.

Another relationship that fans enjoyed seeing develop was that of Perez and Mark Bonnar, who played Duncan Hunter.

The reason was that fans watched the complex relationship of the two, who are co-parents and best friends, as they shared the responsibility of their daughter, Cassie, as Duncan was Cassie’s biological father and Perez was her stepfather.

Who was DI Jimmy Perez married to?

Shetland is a crime drama series that kicked off when DI Jimmy Perez decided to move to the island town after the death of his wife.

Perez was married to Fran, who died several years before the events of the series. He decided to move to provide a secure home for his stepdaughter, Cassie.

But little did he know that the town he was moving to was plagued with murder cases which he would need to solve in every season of the BBC hit show.

Despite this, Perez was still hopeful about the future, even though he only found love in his last season as the lead of the show.

Shetland: What is the relationship between Perez and Duncan?

One of the reasons that Shetland is so lauded is that aside from being one of the most gripping crime drama series, the complex relationships between the characters are compelling.

Most of the characters have pure intentions, but they are complex and troubled characters navigating their own internal struggles, while attempting to create strong and healthy relationships with the people around them.

The relationship between DI Jimmy and Duncan Hunter is a good example of that. Duncan was married to Perez’ first wife, Fran, before she divorced him for his philandering ways.

But by the time of their divorce, Fran and Duncan already had wittheir daughter together, Cassie. Hence, when Perez moved to Shetland, Duncan followed suit and the two co-parented Cassie together.

Perez and Duncan’s relationship was complicated, as they butted heads every now and then, but what was compelling was how the two were there for each other whenever the other was in need of assistance.

This portrayal of their friendship is part of what draws an audience as it reflects elements of real-life friendships, which are not linear emotionally. But it is the ebbs and flows that forge the friendships that much more.

Shetland: What is Perez and Duncan’s last scene?

After the two were arrested for the murder of season six antagonist, Donna Killick, DI Jimmy Perez had been let go and his suspension had been lifted when Shetland returned for its season 7.

This alluded to Duncan also having been freed as he was innocent, technically, of the crime that he was accused of.

But the series made quick work of clarifying this as in the opening scenes, Perez went to visit Duncan in prison. The touching scene between the best friends was their last scene together and the last we saw of Duncan the entire season.

Is Duncan leaving Shetland?

During DI Jimmy Perez’ visit with Duncan at the prison, Duncan made it clear that when does eventually get out of prison, he does not plan to return to Shetland.

This fact which seemed to allude to the fact that Mark Bonnar will not reprise his role in the upcoming seasons.

However, without confirmation of this, it is currently up in the air whether Bonnar will return to reprise his role in the eighth season or not, which has already been confirmed and slated for a 2023 release date. Bonnar himself has not addressed the matter of his future on the series.

Shetland: Did Perez’ exit overshadow Duncan’s?

Mark Bonnar’s, who plays the role of Duncan Hunter, future on the series has yet to be confirmed, as there are speculations that he might not return in season eight, as his last appearance was during the season seven premiere where the story wrapped up cliffhangers from the last season.

The biggest attributor to this fact is the highly publicised exit of Douglas Henshall from the show.

The announcement was made before the beginning of season seven, and as such, that was the main focus of this season – how the show will bid farewell to its lead role.

As a result, the matter of Bonnar’s future on Shetland did not take that much prominence as the matter has not been addressed despite season 7 conclusion in September 2022.