Shimza and Prince Kaybee comically discuss size on Twitter

Shimza and Prince Kaybee had friendly banter about size on Twitter, after revealing the cost of purchasing a license disc for a truck.

Shimza took to Twitter on Thursday, 13 May 2021, and claimed that a license disc for a truck cost R17 000. The producer-DJ-turned-businessman recently announced his new venture into trucking, hence his shock over the cost of a single license disc. Prince Kaybee, who has experience in the sector, commented by claiming that he has to pay the same price for more than 16 trucks.

Shimza then humorously suggested that Prince Kaybee has old models. In response, Prince Kaybee highlighted that Shimza has one truck, compared to his 16. The two former rivals were conscious of not alluding to a rehash of the rivalry by continually added smiley emojis to relay the tone of the quips.

Thereafter, Shimza tweeted, “Ka zwakala (I will get to having 16 trucks too)! One day I’ll show you who’s balls are bigger.” Prince Kaybee, who has seemingly found the humour in the circulation of an image of his nether region, responded, “Let’s not talk about balls for now.”

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