Shimza entertains Twitter backlash 

Shimza has laughed off attempts to cyberbully him on Twitter, in light of his supposedly tone-deaf post and the presence of the president in Tembisa.

Shimza took to Twitter on Thursday, 29 July 2021, to laugh off attempts to cyberbully him. Shimza’s name trended because of a since-deleted post which showcased him and his Shimuzic Foundation donating food parcels to members of the Tembisa community. In the post, Shimza had written that the food parcels were worth between R190 and R200, and that the parcels could sustain a person for a month.

Considering that the post was arguably tone-deaf, Shimza deleted it. However, it was screenshot and shared. Instead of engaging with the backlash, Shimza decided to have his own fun with Twitter users in a subsequent post.

He stated, “President is in Tembisa today, we can’t even invite him for food ko Hang Awt, le tlabe lere ke kreile tender ya ho jesa president! (because if I did invite him, you would accuse me of getting a tender to feed the president).” The post was reference to the allegations of Shimza supposedly getting his most recent tender from the Department of Tourism because of his alleged relationship with the presidency’s Athi Geleba.

See the post below.