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Shimza gets into heated exchange over revealing hefty jacket price tag on social media

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South African deejay, Shimza, was involved in a heated Twitter exchange after one user lambasted him for posting the price tag of his sponsored jacket.

On Wednesday, 18 September 2019, Shimza posted two images from his shopping experience at clothing store, Diesel. Shimza and the fashion brand have a long-standing working relationship with the Shimza’s One Man Show creator as the brand ambassador.  One of the images he posted was of a white denim jacket he got from the store. Zooming in on the price tag in the image, one learns that it retails at  R14 999.

A social media user took offense that Shimza posted the jacket with the price tag on full display, saying, “What’s the point of showing us the price tag? You all like flexing on us. [First of all] we are the reason you and your family are going to toilet.”  Shimza responded in equally explicit language, writing back, “[That’s nonsensical] you think you spoon feed me?”

A fan then tried to interject, telling Shimza to calm down and not talk to his fans like that, The DJ responded, “I’m not a robot brother. I’m human and won’t allow someone to disrespect my hard work like this, [he should not disrespect me like that]”.

Other social media users shared their opinions on the exchange. Many fans understood Shimza’s response but felt that posting the price tag was in bad taste, with one commenter stating, “We all share our views big brother, don’t get angry. Next time [though] don’t show us the price because [it] is [the total of] four months’ salary.”

Sabelo Makhubo
[email protected]