Shimza shifts focus from mixer debacle to growing business interests

Shimza took to Twitter to assert that he is unbothered by the trending mixer debacle and has, instead, shifted his focus to ensuring that his production company continues to grow.

Shimza, on Thursday, 21 May 2020, made it clear that his focus is on growing his business interests, rather than trending on social media. The co-creator of the hit show, Lockdown House Party, was trending for allegedly refusing to return a borrowed mixer. Shimza was adamant that he would only return the mixer once his was returned.

While being embroiled in that trending issue, Shimza tweeted, “We keep going, no distractions formed against us shall prosper.” The image he posted revealed what looked like plans for the staging of the second season of Lockdown House Party, which is speculated to incorporate live performances in its second season.

Shimza first hinted at the growth of the show when he shared that he is planning to start a band with the show’s host, Robot Boii.

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