Shimza ventures into the trucking industry

Shimza took to Twitter to announce his latest business venture, which is a trucking business that is named after his daughter, Lekganyo.

Shimza took to Twitter on Wednesday, 14 April 2021, to announce that he has begun his new business venture. The producer-DJ-turned-formidable businessman is currently venturing into trucking, according to his post. In the post, he confirmed that he bought his first truck for the business, which is set to be named, Lekganyo. He explained that it is named after his daughter.

The announcement of the trucking business adds a fourth known business venture that Shimza has embarked on. His first was the creation of Shimuzic, the umbrella company that handled his music releases and his one-man shows. Shimuzic was then diversified when co-executive produced hit television show, Lockdown House Party, was introduced.

Shimza also has local housing projects in Tembisa. Moreover, he has also invested in the hospitality industry through his flagship restaurant in Tembisa, The Hang Awt.

See the post below.