Shimza’s Kunye gets nationwide acclaim with Zakes Bantwini feature

Shimza’s Kunye live sessions have received nationwide acclaim, following the availability of the Zakes Bantwini feature and his upcoming hit single, Osama, with Kasango.

Shimza took to Instagram on Friday, 20 August 2021, to confirm the availability of the Zakes Bantwini Kunye live set. Kunye is the afro-tech-inspired live sessions created by Shimza. The platform has been perceived as a response to amapiano-focused YouTube segments, such as Balcony Mix. The aim is to highlight that despite the current music trend, the local afro-tech house scene is still active.

However, the Zakes Bantwini set got nationwide attention as it shared his upcoming single, Osama, featuring Kasango. Viewers of the live session were taken by the mid-tempo single which showcased the evolution of Zakes Bantwini from recording artist to DJ, to now having found his voice in fusing his two musical passions. Moreover, the song has already been tapped as a contender to be the 2021 summer anthem.

In light of the success of the song following the availability of the set, Zakes Bantwini took to Instagram on Saturday, 21 August 2021, to confirm that the single will be officially released on Friday, 17 September 2021.

Watch Zakes Bantwini live on Kunye below.