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Sho Madjozi addresses her rumoured romantic relationship with Sjava

Sjava quoting Sho Madjozi’s Wakanda Forever lyrics reignites romance rumours

In an attempt to dispel rumours of her romantic relationship with Sjava, Sho Madjozi took to Twitter to share an image of them together which, to an extent, further fuelled the rumours.

South African Tsonga rapper, Sho Madjozi, shared a picture on Twitter today, 11 July 2019, to address rumours regarding her rumoured romantic relationship with fellow musician Sjava. Sho Madjozi shared the picture that sparked the rumours that the two were a couple.

In the caption, Sho Madjozi corrects that Sjava, who can be seen picking at her hair, was merely removing glitter rom her hair. Sho Madjozi, on the other hand, who can be seen holding Sjava’s chest in the photo, said that she was merely removing lint from his sweater.

Sho Madjozi’s post is meant to assert that there is no existing relationship between her and Sjava. In her words, it was just a moment of looking out for each other and nothing more. “A Zulu king and a Tsonga Princess looking out for each other”, Sho Madjozi captioned the post.

The picture of the two can be easily misinterpreted. Sho Madjozi admitted in her caption that the picture could be mistaken for a love story, given its nature; however, other than her and Sjava looking out for each other by removing unwanted particles on their hair and sweater, it is not what it seems.

In spite of Sho Madjozi’s assertion on Instagram, her followers were still left unconvinced that the two are not dating and if anything, the post further fuelled rumours of their rumoured relationship.

Dineo Maboke
[email protected]