Sho Madjozi becomes the fourth South African artist featured on COLORS

Sho Madjozi took to her social media pages to announce her upcoming appearance on popular music web channel, COLORS, making her the fourth South African artist to be featured.

On Wednesday, 14 August 2019, Sho Madjozi took to her social media pages to tease fans with a cryptic post. The artist posted two images of herself, mid-performance against a turquoise background, a hanging microphone and headphones. In her caption to the post, she said, “Something huge is dropping tomorrow. Can you guess what it is?”

One of the first responses did not guess what was happening, but made reference to the artist’s signature style of rap stating, “I’m not a sangoma but “Iyaaah and Sho” are included somewhere before or after your first or second verse. I don’t know if you get me, Sho Madjozi?” Sho Madjozi responded in humour to the post, sharing in the laughter with the follower.

However, it did not take long for her followers to guess correctly. The first correct answer encouraged the feat, writing, “Colors Studio performance! Represent! [You have to] represent!” The second follower, who also guessed correctly, stated, “You made it on colours.”

Soon after the guessing game on her social media page had started, COLORS Studio went onto their social media pages to make the formal announcement about Sho Madjozi’s featured performance. The studio simply wrote, “Up Next | South African artist, Sho Madjozi.”

The feat makes Sho Madjozi the fourth South African musical act to be featured on the popular YouTube music channel, after fellow South African BET Awarded artist, Sjava, and artists ByLwansta and Yugen Blakrok. Moreover, it makes Sho Madjozi the second South African female artist to ever be featured on the channel.

Her performance is set to premiere on Thursday, 15 August 2019. In a celebratory tweet ahead of the feature’s official premiere, the artist stated, “Thank you for the Retweets! My Colors will be released at 16:00. I’ll be the fourth South African to do #ColorsxStudio. Four is my lucky number.”