Sho Madjozi commended for her efforts to unite Africans

Sho Madjozi trended on social media for her efforts to unite Africans in her recent tweets on how the xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa can be combatted.

South African hip-hop artist, Sho Mdjozi, has been trending for all the right reasons since Tuesday, 3 September 2019 and into Wednesday, 4 September 2019. This was after the Limpopo Champions League creator detailed how she was working on trying to unite Africa, adding her voice to the calls to end xenophobia in South Africa.

The first thing she shared was how in awe she was that she managed to have an entire group of predominantly South African natives singing in the second most spoken language in Africa, Kiswahili. The artist shared a video of her recent performance at the FNB Building in Johannesburg, where the capacity crowd all sang in unison her hit single, Huku.

She posted the lively video showing how the crowd knew the lyrics to the song and sang along with her. She then discussed, in a series of tweets, the problem with xenophobia and her personal insights on the matter.

Her first tweet addressed her thoughts on the South African psyche by writing, “We are deeply scarred, deeply problematic, violent and in this case just straight up criminal. But I’ve also seen us overcome unspeakable evil and we can do it again. We can beat the rape crisis, we can beat xenophobia. I’m not giving up on you yet, [South Africa]. I love you.”

In her most-liked tweet in the thread discussing the complexity of the situation in South Africa, she stated, “Most people would much rather have a peaceful, happy and safe place to live. But people are disenfranchised and poor and we are all unprotected by the leaders we have chosen. And that is the tea.”

Social media users commended her on her insights, with a follower writing, “Sho Madjozi is presidential material. She is giving rational leadership that is needed in this difficult time. A true treasure!” Another fan stated, “Sho Madjozi is such a class act! …Eternal goat status.”

Watch Sho Madjozi’s Huku performance below.