Sho Madjozi engages her fans on the difference between a producer and a beat maker

Xitsonga music sensation, Sho Madjozi, split social media users after she took to Twitter to clarify the difference between a producer and a beat maker.

Independent recording artist, Sho Madjozi, aims to build on her continued success by providing many new voices in the music industry an opportunity to work with her. However, on Sunday, 11 August 2019, the Huku hitmaker landed in a heated debate with her followers after she attempted to clarify the difference between a producer and a beat maker.

The debate started after Sho Madjozi stated, “A music producer is someone that oversees the whole recording process, coaches the musicians, works on the arrangement and puts the whole thing together. If you give an artist a beat and that’s the end of your job, you are a beat maker. You are not a producer.”

The debate that ensued from her post started with some of her followers agreeing with her. One such follower stated, “I agree that the term producer has been misused, but I think beat makers are a bit more than just composers… I think it’s important to note that there are different types of producers, some are more involved in the actual music and that would be people like Quincy Jones and Tweezy, while some are more about the direction [like] Rick Rubin, [and] DJ Khaled.”

Sho Madjozi was conscious not to downplay the significance of the beat maker. However, as the debate continued, it was clear that the point of contention was not the difference or role of the two. What upset many aspiring artists was the rapper’s wording.

A follower remarked on the wording by writing, “Call them composers at least. Beat maker sounds like there isn’t any respect for their work and we all know that they are the most essential people in your industry.”

Following other remarks from fans that begrudged the term ‘beat maker’, Sho Madjozi finally directly addressed the issues by stating, “…Call yourself composer or beat manufacturer, whatever. But if you are not producing, you are not a producer.”