Sho Madjozi is featured, yet again, on WWE champion, John Cena’s Instagram page

South African musician, Sho Madjozi, has gained several international fans following her recent features on WWE champion, John Cena’s Instagram page.

The South African musician has been making headlines internationally following her recently released single, John Cena, released on Thursday, 15 August 2019. The song garnered attention from WWE, as they shared a tweet stating, “You might not be able to see it, but you can certainly HEAR the newest song of the summer, “John Cena” by South African rapper/songwriter Sho Madjozi!”, on their official social media platforms. Later that day, WWE superstar, John Cena, shared an image of Sho Madjozi which featured on the cover of South African magazine, Successful Woman. Sho Madjozi then shared her excitement on her Instagram stories, which saw her reposting congratulatory messages from her industry peers and fans.

The hype has yet to die down, as Cena took to his social media once again on Friday, 30 August 2019, to share another image of Sho Madjozi. The picture showed “Stone cold Sho Madjozi” printed across it, with the musician seen in a powerful pose. The image was then reposted by Sho Madjozi, accompanied by a caption which quoted the lyrics of the song, “We used to be cool when I used to come through, now you want to act tough like John Cena.”

Fans of both Sho Madjozi and John Cena shared their excitement on social media, with many highlighting the fact that the unlikely collaboration has put South African music on the international map. Oscar Mampora, a fan, said, “I have never listened to South African music before. But this is a hit. I can’t stop playing it.”