Sho Madjozi looks back at her childhood in Shahumba music video

Sho Madjozi has premiered her Shahumba music video, featuring Thomas Chauke, which sees her looking back at her childhood in Limpopo, which is where her love for dance and music began.

Sho Madjozi’s music video for Shahumba, featuring Thomas Chauke, was released today, 12 March 2021, on YouTube. The Wolf-directed music video begins with a child actor who resembles Sho Madjozi dancing alongside her father, who was kicked out of their house due to his lack of income, according to her mother. Left out on the streets with nothing but a guitar and a portable television set, the young girl tunes a channel to showcase Sho Madjozi in the future, performing alongside Thomas Chauke.

The future scenes show her in a party scene where she is dressed in sequins and vibrant colours, with Thomas wearing traditional Zulu attire. The crowd of people join in as she performs amongst them, after arriving in a limo with Thomas. This portion of the music video gives hope to the young girl who, at the time, believed that there was no way of achieving her dreams.

Watch the Shahumba music video below.