Sho Madjozi pens a love letter to her hair

On Wednesday, 17 July 2019, Sho Madjozi shared a short clip of behind-the-scenes footage from her Cosmopolitan SA July cover shoot, wherein she shows snippets of her hair story.

South African musician, Sho Madjozi, took to Twitter to share a post from Cosmopolitan SA’s page detailing her hair story featured in the magazine’s July issue. The video details colourful footage of Sho Madjozi playing around with her accessorised hair as she moves through different scenes. Popularly known for taking pride and fully embracing her African heritage, Sho Madjozi penned a love letter to her hair for all the times she didn’t appreciate its natural state.

A video on YouTube features Sho Madjozi’s love letter to her hair. The personal conversation with her hair is about the way in which she has not fully embraced the natural state of her hair by using chemicals and straighteners. The penned love letter video clip details Sho Madjozi sitting in a hair salon as someone brushes through her rich afro hair as she narrates the video.

She can be heard in the video saying: “Dear hair, I’m sorry for trying to iron you flat. I know now that you shrinking yourself is you hugging yourself tightly because you’re all you have in this straight world. I’m learning to love you curly”.

Sho Madjozi has always put herself forth as someone who takes pride in her African heritage and how it influences her holistically. In her early 20’s, the musician moved to America to pursue a qualification in African studies.

Her love for exploration of the African culture led her to later move to Senegal, an experience that opened her to a new relationship with her hair altogether. Most of her hairstyles are said to be influenced by women from a West African tribe known as the Fulani tribe.

Watch Sho Madjozi’s love letter to her hair video below.