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Sho Madjozi reveals her relationship status in recent engagement with Twitter users

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Rapper, Sho Madjozi, recently revealed that she is single and looking to meet someone, by asking her Twitter followers who they think she would be suited to date.

Writing her tweet in her home language of Xitsonga, on Monday, 21 October 2019, Sho Madjozi took to Twitter to ask who her followers think she is suited to date, as she is currently single. One of the first comments was from a follower exclaiming their surprise, stating, “I thought you [were] already taken. All this time wasted.” Sho Madjozi replied to the follower, asking, “Taken by who?”

One of the recurring names that her followers suggested was the namesake of her viral hit single, John Cena. After one social media user suggested the name, Sho Mdjozi responded by saying, “He’s the only one for me,” adding emojis to express her disappointment at his inaccessibility. Another social media user suggested that she “feature him on the music video of his song” as a ploy to meet him.

The second most mentioned name in the comments section was that of fellow hip-hop artist and friend, Sjava. The two were rumoured to be in a romantic relationship after various pictures of them together circulated on social media earlier in the year. After one social media user suggested the name, Sho Madjozi replied by asking whether Sjava wanted to date her. Another follower replied, “He lit his last candle, buy more and give [them to] him.”

Other social media users asked for a translation to the tweet, before offering their opinions, saying, “Please somebody translate that for us before we get misleading translation like the one in the morning by Daniel Marven.” However, other social media users that weren’t familiar with the language still commented, with one saying, “Whatever you said, I agree.”

Sabelo Makhubo
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