Sho Madjozi shares the 10 steps to making the Kona music video

Sho Madjozi previously shared the first two steps to the making of her Kona music video, and has now revealed eight other steps to its completion.

On Friday, 12 July 2019, Xitsonga rapper, Sho Madjozi, shared the first two steps to the making of her Kona music video. The two steps that the rapper revealed involved the making of the xibelani – a traditional Tsonga skirt. The Huku hitmaker shared a series of images of her buying the wool and the making of the individualised xibelani by Giyani based Xitsonga designer, Kate LukZ.

Following thefirst two steps, the rapper took her time to detail the remaining steps. The third step she revealed was on Tuesday, 16 July 2019, in a continued thread from her Friday posts. The third step she revealed was styling everyone in the music video with braids. In a video she shared with the post, it reveals everyone in her music video getting their hair braided.

The fourth step involved personalizing every shoe with the word ‘kona,’ which was imprinted on a pair of white Tomy Takkies. The fifth step that Sho Madjozi stated was everyone getting their make-up done. In the video she shared, we see how a living room was converted into a make-up room with women putting the final touches to their faces.

The sixth step, involves assembling every cast member on set. Everyone she shows in the video is dressed in their xibelani, their braids and cornrows are complete and they all have their personalised Tomy Takkies on..

Steps seven to ten are a single directive from Sho Madjozi, but because of the energy and skill it takes, she accounted for it as the last three steps, which involve the dancing in the xibelani. In the video associated with the caption, the song Kona plays in the background as a series of dancers dance as a couple or individually with their xibelanis.