Sho Madjozi’s John Cena Challenge goes viral 

South African musician, Sho Madjozi, has gained major international traction for her hit song, John Cena, which has sparked a viral dance challenge showcasing fans as they dance along to the track.

The mega star recently garnered the attention of WWE wrestler, John Cena, who was made aware of her song which references him in the chorus. Thereafter, he shared two images of Sho Madjozi on his social media pages, which further introduced the musician to a global audience. A number of South African and international fans have created a dance challenge known as the John Cena Challenge, which shows them dancing to the song in a choreographed routine.

The musician has been sharing a number of the challenge videos on her social media platforms, with the most recent one being posted on Tuesday, 2 September 2019. She captioned the video with, “It’s been a tough week in South Africa but this made me so happy. PS It’s so cute when the kids join her!” Sho Madjozi first shared one of the challenges on her Instagram page on Wednesday, 21 August 2019.

Fans commented on the post, with many stating that they are proud of her for having an international dance single. Zandile Magoso said, “Despite the negativity in this country, I’m glad you are bringing positive attention. You are an inspiration and a national treasure to us all. Keep shining!”. Gladis Mathews also added, “It’s good to let people know this country is made up of more than just violence and crime. A talented, young, African woman!!”.

Watch the John Cena challenge below.