Showmax confirms availability of Devilsdorp

Showmax has confirmed the availability of its true crime docu-series, Devilsdorp, which was criticised for its lack of subtitles for non-Afrikaans-speaking audiences. 

Showmax took to Twitter on Thursday, 29 July 2021, to confirm the release of its first locally produced true crime docu-series, Devilsdorp. The four-part series was tapped as the paid subscription platform’s flagship new offering for the month of July. The series highlights the platform’s change in focus to the upcoming programming for the new month.

According to the shared promotional statement, “Directed by David Enright and produced by IdeaCandy, Devilsdorp is the result of an 18-month research process into how a small group of devout Christians trying to help a former satanist escape the satanic church ended in a murderous spree involving a killer mom, her two children, and a cult with more victims than members.”

The docu-series uses multimedia in its approach to provide a new take on the previously covered matter. Therefore, the show uses archived footage and interviews to tell the story. However, following the release, some viewers questioned why the docu-series does not have subtitles for non-Afrikaans-speaking viewers. In response, Showmax stated that there are subtitles which can be activated on the platform’s settings.

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