Showmax currently not planning on hosting DiepCity

Showmax is currently not planning on hosting DiepCity on the platform, as it has confirmed that the suggestion will be put forward for consideration.

One of the surprise hit shows to have launched this year was Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, DiepCity. The show is produced by Mandla N’s Black Brian Pictures, which is behind the star-studded hit show, Lockdown. The show “explores the struggle of four young women trying to make their way in the world.  The show focuses on disillusioned – young women who were forced into crime while in high school, just to make ends meet.”

Its success was immediate, following the airing of the first episode on Monday, 20 April 2021. It has surpassed its one hundredth episode of the first season. Considering the popularity of the show, DStv subscribers have questioned why the show is not available on its paid subscription, on-demand platform, Showmax.

Showmax currently has all of DStv’s most popular telenovelas. This includes The River, Gomora and The Queen, despite it being a season behind with the last one. Therefore, in light of the popularity of the show, the public has questioned why the telenovela is not available. Showmax has not yet stated its intention to eventually host the show on the platform.

On Saturday, 21 August 2021, a Twitter user questioned Showmax on why DiepCity is still not available. Not only that, but the Twitter user questioned why the current season of Abomama is not available on Showmax. In response, Showmax confirmed that Abomama season two will be made available, however, with regards to DiepCity, Showmax stated that the suggestion will be forwarded for consideration. This suggests that there are no plans currently to host DiepCity on the platform.

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