Showmax lists best contemporary South African movies to watch

Showmax has shared the best movies to watch on the platform this month, which include Inxeba, Five Fingers of Marseilles and Happiness Is A Four Letter Word.

Showmax has a wide catalogue of South African movies which are currently available for streaming on the platform. Moreover, the platform continually adds new movies to its catalogue of locally produced movies, which have since been phased out of cinemas and do not have a platform to be viewed on. Moreover, with the decline in the sale of DVDs, having the movies on Showmax ensures that they can still be viewed.

In August 2021, Showmax shared the best movies to watch this month. The list consists of three movies which were considered for the Oscars and were global successes. The first is the contentious coming of age story of a young initiation school leader who is battling the matter of his sexual orientation, Inxeba. The movie premiered in 2017 to much acclaim, due to its narrative being imbued with the cultural practices of Xhosa-speaking people.

The second movie is the 2017 blockbuster, Five Fingers of Marseilles. According to Showmax, “This noir Western is set in the late 80s/early 90s and combines a mixture of genres into a melting pot of brilliance.” Adding, “It follows a small remote community which is under siege from invaders who take everything in sight, from land to cattle, leaving decimation in their wake. Until the community fights back. A split timeframe sees the past and future, as the struggle against apartheid sparks the fight for a different kind of freedom.”

The last movie to consider is one that arguably enjoyed the most success on Showmax, Happiness Is A Four Letter Word. Following its placement on Showmax, it was later considered and greenlighted for a sequel, which is currently in production. The premise thereof is detailed as, “In this uplifting South African romantic drama, three friends try to find love, happiness and success in Johannesburg. Based on the novel by Cynthia Jele and directed by award-winning Thabang Moleya, who also brought us Jacob’s Cross.”