Showmax removes Grey’s Anatomy following Netflix deal

Showmax has removed Grey’s Anatomy from its platform, which is a result of Shonda Rhimes signing a deal with Netflix and the show needing to be moved away from its competitor platform.

MultiChoice Group, which operates DStv, used to own the rights to popular American Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Grey’s Anatomy. The show is produced by Shondaland’s Shonda Rhimes.

In the advent of paid subscription platforms like Netflix and Showmax, local television saw a change in how content and viewing rights were reached.

Therefore, a show like Grey’s Anatomy, which aired on ABC and on DStv locally, could co-exist before on such competitor platforms because of the different target markets.

However, in 2017, Shonda Rhimes made headlines when she signed a deal with Netflix. Rhimes was reported to have signed an overall deal with Netflix worth over $100 million for her flagship shows.

At the time, those were Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, alternatively known as The Fixer.

In light of the deal Shonda signed with Netflix, while DStv could still air new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Showmax could not.

This is because Showmax is a paid subscription platform which functions as a storage unit for all the popular past and present shows on DStv.

Therefore, Showmax makes shows which have already aired on DStv available for viewers to watch at their leisure.

Additionally, Showmax is Netflix’s competitor, as both platforms serve the same purpose.

Therefore, after Rhimes signed her overall deal with Netflix, Showmax could not have Grey’s Anatomy as the show’s content rights belonged to its competitor.

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