3 shows like Salvage Hunters

Salvage Hunters is a popular antique and artefacts restoration reality-format show, with other shows of the same format including American Pickers and American Restoration.

Salvage Hunters premiered in 2011 and the English antique and artefacts restoration reality-format show has since garnered popularity internationally.

However, there are also other popular shows out there that have the same format and style, airing on well-known channels and platforms.

What is Salvage Hunters?

Salvage Hunters became an immediate hit with fans when it first started airing on Quest in 2011.

The flagship show is premised on modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard travelling in and around the United Kingdom (UK) in search of antiques and artefacts, with Drew’s trusted friend and driver John Tee by his side.

3 shows like Salvage Hunters

Seeing as the show is popular not just in Europe, but also internationally including in the United States, as the local audience gets to watch the show via Discovery and Discovery Plus.

For fans of this type of format, that Salvage Hunters and its subsequent spin-off show have taken on, there are a number of similar shows that follow a slightly amended format to the Quest TV flagship.

Below we list three other shows that have a similar premise as Salvage Hunters.

1. American Pickers

Out of this whole list, American Pickers is the reality-format show that is the most like Salvage Hunters.

The premise of the series is, “Mike and Frank (Robbie, who replaced Frank) are pickers that travel the country and literally would go anywhere just for the prospects of finding antique gold. With the assistance of Danielle they often find themselves in a comedic pickle.”

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2. American Restoration

Although the natural run of the series ended in 2016 after seven seasons when the heart of the show, Rick Dale and his antique store were replaced, American Restoration is still a popular watch amongst viewers.

The premise of the show was, “American Restoration follows the best restoration shops in the United States as they restore pieces of America’s history and create awe-inspiring works from vintage items including classic cars, rare antiques and one-of-a-kind bikes.

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3. Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow has been airing since 1997 and has a slightly different format, as the premise follows collectors as they “discover that they can turn trash into treasure, thanks to the appraisal skills of the show’s specialists in antiques and fine art; Mark L. Walberg hosts.”

The show has a total of 23 seasons to date and is still running.

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Final thoughts

Salvage Hunters might be one of the most popular antique and artefacts restoration reality shows currently on television.

However, the series is not the only show to garner popularity for this format, shows like American Pickers and American Restoration also have a similar format.