Simphiwe Ngema aware of fake Twitter account in her name

Simphiwe Ngema has been made aware of the fake Twitter account that has garnered traction due to her pregnancy announcement, further claiming that she has been blocked and cannot report the account.

Simphiwe Ngema took to Twitter to address the matter of the fake account created in her name on Wednesday, 12 August 2020. The actress, who won the hearts of many South Africans when she announced her pregnancy earlier in the day, asserted that she is aware of the account that has gained followers due to the announcement.

In addressing the matter, Simphiwe stated that she is unable to report the fake account because she has been blocked the accountholder. The accountholder has been capitalising on Simphiwe Ngema’s pregnancy and recently announced relationship with model, Tino Chinyani. The account has been sharing motivational posts about loss and being a first-time mother. The only people who can report the fake account are those who follow the account and have not been blocked.

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