Sizwe Dhlomo reignites Twitter feud with Vusi Thembekwayo over reported fake designer watch

On Wednesday, 3 July 2019, Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo’s names trended on Twitter after Dhlomo addressed the motivational speaker’s alleged fake designer watch.

Media personality and businessman, Sizwe Dhlomo, took to Twitter to take a jab at renowned South African motivational speaker and businessman, Vusi Thembekwayo. Dhlomo shared screenshots of  a fan calling the motivational speaker out for purchasing a fake Patek Philippe time piece, after he shared his purchase on Instagram on Wednesday, 26 June 2019, in the since deleted post.

Sizwe Dhlomo tagged Vusi Thembekwayo asking him to post the watch again to verify if the claims were true. Soon after the tweet, Twitter users wondered how Vusi Thembekwayo would respond.  However, other Twitter followers lambasted Sizwe Dhlomo, accusing the Newzsroom Afrika host of pettiness, stating that Vusi Thembekwayo had responded to claims about the supposedly counterfeit watch on his Instagram page after it was brought to his attention.

Following the uproar, Vusi Thembekwayo posted a thread, which started late in the evening of Wednesday, 3 July 2019. In the first tweet he wrote, “Nobody wins a “Twar”. Even the “bully” has to reduce themselves to levels of pettiness & classlessness that show that they never had decorum, manners or etiquette to begin with. A real sign of how their parents raised them.”

Offended that Vusi Thembekwayo would involve his parents, Sizwe Dhlomo indirectly responded, “Lastly… be careful when you speak of parents because then yours will get brought into the fray and again, you won’t like it. At any time, say maluju (apologise) & I’ll let you live. Have a good day now.”

Following these tweets, Vusi Thembekwayo, in a press statement fashion, posted a reply across his social media pages in response to the claims of the time piece being fake and the actions he took after it was brought to his attention. In the response, Vusi Thembekwayo relays his actions and where his passion for designer watches stems from. For his part, Sizwe Dhlomo seems to have moved on from the spat, and has been discussing topics related to his Newzsroom Afrika show.