Sizwe Dhlomo reveals he wouldn’t let cheating break up his marriage

Sizwe Dhlomo has shared his thoughts on his future wife potentially cheating on him, claiming that he would forgive her and not let that mistake ruin their marriage.

Sizwe Dhlomo sparked much conversation on Twitter on Tuesday, 23 March 2021, as he shocked fans with his tweets admitting that he wouldn’t leave his future wife if she cheated on him. Many questioned the veteran broadcaster on his controversial stance, claiming that he has had harsher stances on seemingly lesser offenses.

Sizwe stated, “There’s so much that I’m hoping to do with my wife… I can’t just walk away from all of that because of sex. It would depend on whether or not she still wants to be with me, but I’m certainly not leaving my wife just because she slept with another man if she’s sorry about it. Nope. Real talk!”

As Twitter users started getting riled up by his comments, Sizwe asked for them to allow him to voice his own opinions. He further clarified that he has never done anything that he regrets in a relationship.

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