Sizwe Dhlomo unmoved by a social media user accusing him of being boastful

Media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo, was unfazed by a social media user who called him out for always talking about his accomplishments and possessions, accusing him of being boastful.

On Monday, 7 October 2019, Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter to share a story about a new find on one of his farms. In the story he shared, he explains, “So, it turns out I’ve got a mulberry tree at one of my spots. I didn’t even know until now. Walked up to one of my tractors and saw that the berries had fallen on it.”

A social media user that seemed aggravated by how much the Newzroom Afrika host talks about his accomplishments and possessions took to the comments section to air out their frustrations with Sizwe. The follower commented by writing, “Chief, everything it’s my, my, my, what, what. Stop boasting, sir.”

Many of Sizwe’s followers defended the media personality in the comments section. One follower wrote, “Dude, you sound bitter and jealous.” The follower replied, saying, “Not at all chief, but the guy must grow up.” Another follower defended Sizwe, writing, “Stop being pained when one talks about their success. He is [not] the reason why your situation is like that. Be happy for others and direct your anger at you parents for not working as hard as his did.”

Never one to let a situation go, Sizwe also replied to the comment, partly in isiZulu, asking the follower what he should say instead because what he was speaking about does belong to him. He ended the comment by sarcastically asking, “Should I say it’s yours?”