Sizwe Dhlomo’s followers react to his tweet about how good looking he is

On Friday, 11 October 2019, Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter to, once again, prove that he does not need any external affirmation by boasting about his good looks.

Media personality and businessman, Sizwe Dhlomo, who is known for his candour on Twitter, decided to open up about how he feels about his looks. Sizwe first showed off his trimmed beard on Twitter on Thursday, 10 October 2019. Many of his followers were split in their reactions because of the angle the image was taken from.

Continuing the narrative, he then affirmed his looks by tweeting, “Guys, [no offense]. Please [do not attack me for saying this], but [I am good looking], hey?”  His followers then took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the sentiment.

The initial comments on the post were from followers that affirmed his self-confidence. The first comment read, “[You] tell them, Mr Confidence!” Another follower stated, “[That is it!] This is the kind of self-love we all need.”

However, the comments that followed began to question whether it was his looks or his wealth that made him physically appealing. One comment stated, “You’re well-groomed, not handsome.” However, another social media claimed, “I saw you once in Port Elizabeth, pictures don’t do you justice, shame.”

One of the last responses that Sizwe retweeted read, “My roommate and I wanted to lick the screen when we watched your Podcast With MacG. [No, you are good looking].”