Sjava admits to owning Beyoncé live concert DVD

Sjava shocked his followers when he revealed that he owns Beyoncé live concert DVDs, and that he is inspired by the internationally recognised superstar.

Sjava took to Twitter on Wednesday, 21 July 2021, to reveal that he owned one of Beyoncé’s live concert DVDs. The comment came after a Twitter user shared a clip from the Beyoncé Live at Wembley DVD, which was released in 2004. The user commented on the breath control of the superstar. However, Sjava responded by detailing how he used the DVD to learn about voice control, referencing Beyoncé’s control.

While Sjava could admit that he learnt a great deal on voice control through watching Beyoncé, the Umqhele hitmaker did not consent to the allegations that his successful One Night concert was inspired by Beyonce. The musician explained that he bought Beyoncé’s live concert DVD because he loved to buy DVDs.

An interesting detail about his 2019 sold out One Night with Sjava concerts is that it was during the first performance that his alleged wife was revealed. This was during the time that he was believed to be dating Lady Zamar, and arguably the beginning of what became two-year-long antagonism between the two.

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