Sjava believes Saudi is not given the respect and recognition he deserves

BET Award-winning artist, Sjava, took to social media to lambast the hip-hop industry for their lack of support for friend and artist, Saudi, which saw social media divided on the matter.

Sjava has showed unwavering support for fellow Ambitiouz Entertainment artist, Saudi. The artist first rallied social media to find the artist, when Sjava could not get a hold of him. Now, Sjava has taken to social media to lambast the hip-hop industry for the lack of support shown to the young artist. Many of the responses on his observation split social media.

Sjava took to his Twitter account on Thursday, 8 August 2019, and wrote in a mixture of English and isiZulu, saying, “The disrespect that SA hip-hop is showing Saudi [is starting to upset me]”. The African Trap Movement pioneer did not further explain what he meant, but followers quickly responded to the post.

The first person to comment on the post was house and gqom sensation, Busiswa, who offered a different perspective by writing, “What if it’s the label that’s disrespecting him [sir], not the country? How many of his singles were released from that gorgeous debut, [Senaoane, which was released as a mixtape in February 2019] album? I truly believe his golden talent is recognised but we’re not exposed to it quite often enough. I could be wrong.”

Other followers agreed with Busiswa’s observation, writing, “Ambitiouz [does not] see ambition in him.” Another follower, however, squarely put the blame on the artist by writing, “No one owes Saudi anything, he must deal with whatever he is going through just like everyone else…”

However, other followers wondered who Saudi was, and what music he has released. A follower summarised the reactions of most of the followers in the comments section when they stated, “But dude needs to earn the respect. You can’t force that on us hey. What has he done for the [industry]?”