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Sjava endorses music sensation, Sphuzo’s upcoming album

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Sjava expresses gratitude that his mother and grandmother are alive to witness his success

Sjava took to Twitter to continue endorsing the upcoming release from music sensation, Sphuzo, whom he discovered on Twitter and has been working with since.

Sjava used a post that attempted to ridicule him on Twitter to continue promoting the upcoming album by social media sensation, Sphuzo, on Sunday, 19 July 2020. The rapper was initially offended by a hairless meme of him which was circulated, showcasing him without any hair or beard. Another Twitter user then attempted to calm Sjava by sharing another image of him with his beard, although still bald.

The second image prompted comparisons between him and Sphuzo. Sphuzo was featured as one of the most unlikely vocally gifted people in South Africa in a Twitter challenge. Sjava had previously enlisted the help of Twitter to find Sphuzo, and it seems that he has been working with him since.

Sphuzo’s upcoming album was announced on Tuesday, 7 July 2020. Although no release date was confirmed, Sjava is expected to feature on the album.

See the post below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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