Sjava entertains suggestion of starting an OnlyFans account

Sjava mused on starting an OnlyFans account following posting a mystery woman which again rehashed his past tumultuous relationship with Lady Zamar.

Sjava took to Twitter on Thursday, 29 April 2021, to share an image of himself with a mysterious woman. The image was of the woman sitting in the front passenger seat of a taxi being driven by Sjava, whilst he stared fondly at her.

Not long after posting the image, his past tumultuous relationship with Lady Zamar was rehashed. Lady Zamar and Sjava have not publicly spoken about their relationship since it was reported that the sexual assault charges that Lady Zamar had levelled against Sjava had been dropped.

In light of the constant rehashing of the matter, Sjava took to Twitter and expressed how he wishes he could have a platform where only his fans could view his posts. Some Twitter users then suggested that he start an OnlyFans account, to which he responded in good humour.

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