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Sjava reveals his tactic for dealing with fatigue and stress

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Sjava confirms he has found social media singing sensation, Sphuzo

Musician, Sjava, took to Twitter to share the benefits of using impepho, opening up the conversation on the healing powers of the widely used incense.

On Friday, 18 October 2019, Sjava took to Twitter to share how he recovers from a tiring day. In his tweet, he stated, “No matter how down, tired, confused or frustrated I am, once [I burn] impepho, it all goes away. [Afterwards, I feel tranquil, both emotionally and spiritually].” His fans then took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Sjava’s traditional tactic for combating fatigue and stress.

The initial comments on the post agreed with the Umqhele hitmaker, sharing their own personal experiences on how they have enjoyed the healing properties of impepho. One of the comments read, “Whenever I’m sad, I go to my sister’s isgodlo [a traditional healer’s practise] just to meditate, [And once I can smell the scent, everything settles in my heart].” Another social media user wrote, “[A traditional healer’s hut] is one peaceful place, whenever I feel like I am not coping, I just go there and sleep. It’s so beautiful.”

Other social media users sent suggestive tweets, with one user writing, “This impepho you are referring to here sounds like ‘the herb.’ I do it every time when I’m [feeling] down, it lifts me so high that I see the moon next to me. African traditions.”

Social media users complimented Sjava for being pro-African in his music and lifestyle choices. One social media user celebrated him by writing, “Only if many of us can be so genuine like you then Africa will conquer the world. You inspire even us [that are] older than you. [You are a great man].”

Sabelo Makhubo
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