Sjava’s dress sense under scrutiny once again

Sjava, once again, tackled the matter of his unique dress sense on Twitter, after a user suggested that his latest image portrayed him as a taxi driver.

Sjava took to Twitter on Monday, 14 June 2021, to post an image of himself. In the image, he wore an oversized t-shirt, which he matched with conflicting prints and a bucket hat. The look, if worn by someone else, would have drawn more attention. However, considering that Sjava has been vocal about his dress sense and that nobody else should dictate his style, there were not a lot of discouraging comments.

However, one Twitter user did comment on the post by suggesting that Sjava was dressed as if he was about to give up on music and retire to become a taxi driver. Sjava was diplomatic in his response, as he asked the commentator to share an image of what they would like him to wear.

The Twitter user did not respond to the subsequent post. However, another Twitter user did comment. His comment resulted in a back-and-forth between Sjava and his followers.

See the post below.