Skhanda World’s Loki releases new single, Qoloqolo

Loki has released his debut solo single, Qoloqolo, which is an ode to the lifestyle of the many working class people in Soweto. 

Loki took to Twitter on Friday, 14 May 2021, to announce the release of his new single, Qoloqolo. The single marks Loki’s first solo release since signing to K.O’s Skhanda World. After signing to the K.O-fronted record label, Loki released Section, featuring K.O, and Fireman, featuring the second Skhanda World signee, Roiii.

On Qoloqolo, Loki provides plenty of surprises. The first surprise is that he sing-raps, which showcases his versatility as a rapper. Moreover, the single details the rapper’s origins, as it pays homage to Soweto. In addition to paying homage to his hometown, the single also manages to detail the lived experiences of the working class from Soweto.

The mid-tempo single places a key focus on the lyrics, as opposed to the percussion-led instrumentation.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Qoloqolo below.