Skin Renewal’s Vampire Facial rejuvenates the skin for long-term results 

Skin Renewal has endorsed the trendy Vampire Facial as one of its most popular facial treatments, due to its long-lasting results.

Skin Renewal is a non-surgical aesthetic clinic which promotes maintenance and repair of the body and skin using non-surgical and non-invasive procedures performed by medical practitioners. The Vampire Facial, which sees vials of blood being spread on the face, has become popular amongst celebrities who have undergone the procedure. Despite it looking painful and gory, the procedure is said to be one of the most effective non-surgical treatments, which is why it is promoted by a multitude of people.

Skin Renewal is one of the clinics which offer the treatment, with results said to last between six to 12 months. Medically termed the Platelet Rich Plasma facial, the procedure involves blood being drawn from the patient with the platelets being separated from other blood cells, their concentration is then increased during a process called centrifugation.

For skin rejuvenation, the plasma is injected into the skin where the platelets accelerate the normal healing process and produce new collagen in the injected area. The excess blood is then spread onto the skin, giving off the ‘vampire’ look.

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