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Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, looks to create more travel vlogs for her YouTube channel

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Mihlali Mdamase was featured on the popular SABC 3 lifestyle talk show, Afternoon Express, where she detailed her new ventures and being named the highest paid Instagrammer in South Africa.

South African beauty and lifestyle influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, was one of the guests on Afternoon Express on Thursday, 22 August 2019. During her one-on-one sit-down interview with host, Jeannie D, the successful influencer reflected on being the only South African named as part of 2019’s Instagram Rich List, and what her plans for her YouTube channel are, going forward.

The first segment of the interview dealt with the star’s rise as one of the beauty vloggers with the most subscribers in South Africa.  The Mihlali N YouTube channel currently has over 172 000 subscribers. The star admitted to having started the page as a beauty influencer, however confessed that she wants to focus more on her travel vlogs.

During the interview she stated, “I love travel content. I’m trying something different… I prefer to do more travel content, that’s more of what I am branching into.” In Mid-August, the star shared her weekend trip to Cape Town as part of her new travel content, currently the video sits with over 97 000 views.

After discussing her new ventures, Jeannie D shifted the interview to celebrate Mihlali Ndamase on making 2019’s Instagram Rich List. The list, which was released by Hopper HQ, named over 150 highest paid Instagram accounts around the world. The beauty influencer came in at number 135, a feat that makes Mihlali one of six Africans to make the list, and the only South African.

Her advice for people who aspire to have the success she has was simple; “Work hard. Be determined… And if you can’t find opportunities, you can easily create opportunities for yourself on social media.”

Watch the full interview below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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