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Sony Music allows artists to take control of earnings through music portal

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Sony Music has announced two new features to its artist music portal, giving artists direct access to the money they have earned through the Real Time Earnings and Cash Out options.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, musicians are amongst the many people who have been adversely affected and are in need of immediate funds to get by. As a result of events and performances being cancelled, many artists have not been able to earn income over the past three months.

Sony Music has recognised the struggles faced by artists, and has launched two new features which aim to assist artists by providing direct access to their earnings from various digital music platforms. In a statement issued today, 29 June 2020, Sony Music announced its Real Time Earnings and Cash Out features, which allow musicians to monitor their earnings and withdraw their money if they wish to do so.

Sean Watson, Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, stated, “The high level of transparency and efficiency in these tools is aimed at making doing business between us clearer, faster, simpler and more direct for our artists and partners, and it comes at a time when we all need as much of that as we can get.”

Sayushka Naidoo
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