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Sorbet’s Pro Gel-Effect Nail Polish considered cheaper alternative to salon manicure

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Sorbet’s Pro Gel-Effect Nail Polish range offers the same results as a professionally done gel manicure, and does not require a UV lamp or any other additional products.

Sorbet’s Pro Gel-Effect Nail Polishes are the solution for those who are tired of tedious manicures which include soak-offs, fills and new sets. Many would agree that there is a significant difference between a salon manicure and an at-home one, however, with the nationwide lockdown, everyone was in the same position and left with only one option – DIY.

With nail salons being closed for over four months, there was no option but to get creative and, after tiresome efforts of using drug store nail polishes, it was time to take it to the next level. Sorbet’s Pro Gel-Effect Nail Polish provides the perfect alternative to a professionally done set. The application is done in exactly the same way as painting on nail polish, and also does not require a UV lamp. The final results show the glossiness of a gel polish for up to two weeks.

Priced at only R110 a bottle, the Pro Gel-Effect nail polish is considerably cheaper than a manicure, and can be used for approximately eight months, if not longer. The Pro Gel-Effect Nail Polish can be bought online on the Sorbet website or directly from any Sorbet nail bar.

Sayushka Naidoo
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