Spectrum App not working on Roku 2022

If your Spectrum TV App is not working on your Roku device in 2022, there are several possible solutions including troubleshooting, location services, and reinstallation.

The Spectrum TV App offers a convenient way for Spectrum customers to watch any of the platform’s channels from their mobile devices.

Roku devices also support the Spectrum TV App and many people use this application to stream live and on-demand content.

However, if you have experienced an issue in 2022 where the Spectrum TV App is not working as it should on your Roku device, there are some troubleshooting options you can try.

About the Spectrum App

The Spectrum TV App is a mobile application that allows Spectrum customers, Spectrum customers with Time Warner Cable credentials, and Spectrum customers with Bright House Networks credentials, to watch their favourite live and on-demand content conveniently on their mobile devices, even when they are out or away from home.

This mobile application is compatible with Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, and other devices.

In addition to the convenience of watching Spectrum TV from your mobile device from wherever you are, the application also allows you to tune into your DVR and schedule recordings of shows in the future, browse through the available channels, and learn about these shows at no additional charge.

Spectrum App not working on Roku 2022

As the Spectrum TV App is available to use on Roku devices, many Spectrum customers use the application as their main means of watching live and on-demand television content on their Roku devices.

If you are one of these customers and your Spectrum TV App has recently started giving you issues, like slow functionality when you are using the application, the live stream content buffering for extended periods of time, or the application crashing completely while you are watching something– you can rest assured that there are several troubleshooting methods with which you can attempt to fix this problem.

In this case, the first thing to do is to check that all of the basics are there and working. Ensure that you have paid your Spectrum TV subscription, that your internet is working correctly and that your device fulfils the minimum requirements for the Spectrum TV App to run correctly.

If all of these things are in place and the Spectrum TV App is still not working properly, you can try some of the methods that other Roku and Spectrum TV App users have found to be effective to restore the functionality of the application, which include:

  • General troubleshooting approaches
  • Ensuring that your location is correct
  • Removing the Spectrum App channel and restarting your Roku device

General troubleshooting approaches

These troubleshooting solutions usually work when you are having trouble with a particular application on your Roku device and are relatively quick and easy to try.

Some of the solutions you could try first to improve the functionality of the Spectrum TV App on your Roku device are:

  • Ensure that your Roku device software and the Spectrum TV App have been updated to the newest available versions
  • Restart your internet router and modem to ensure that your internet connection is stable
  • Turn off the Parental Control settings on your Roku device as they may be interfering with the functionality of the application

Ensure that your location is correct

The Spectrum TV App uses your location to determine which channels are available to you. Some channels are only available in certain areas.

For your Roku device and your Spectrum TV App to work together seamlessly, you need to ensure that the locations that both of these devices pick up are set to the same, correct country.

These devices need to be connected to the same network for them to work properly together.

Removing the Spectrum App channel and restarting your Roku device

If none of the other troubleshooting solutions worked, you may have to uninstall the Spectrum TV App then reinstall it. This will delete the built-up cache and reset the memory, which improves functionality.

You can do this by completing the following steps:

Process Steps
Remove the Spectrum TV App
  • Go to the channels list on your Roku device and find the Spectrum TV App tile
  • Select this tile and press the “*” button on your Roku remote
  • Select the “Remove Channel” option
Restart the Roku device
  • Press the “Home” button on your remote
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu
  • Navigate to the “System” section
  • Find the “System Restart” option and click on “Restart”
Reinstall the Spectrum TV App
  • Press the “Home” button on your remote
  • Navigate to the “Search” function
  • Search for “Spectrum TV” and click on the application tile
  • Select the “Add channel” option